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Industry Research

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) monitors trends and ongoing developments in the industry to provide stakeholders with relevant information and forward-looking analysis of the evolving television and digital media market through reports and articles published in CMF Trends.

CMF Trends favours a collaborative approach with external bloggers based in Canada and around the world. Contributors are selected for their expert knowledge, experience, and influence in the field of broadcast television and digital media.

The CMF also works closely with various partners by contributing to or commissioning research projects on a wide range of industry-related topics.

The CMF posts information as well on the Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context microsite, which is designed to help interested parties understand this new financing option from the targeted perspective of Canada’s creative industries. It also offers a comprehensive directory of crowdfunding platforms accessible to Canadians.

Highlights in 2015-2016:

  • Two international editorial partnership agreements: Méta-Média and Gruvi
  • 67 blog posts, 2 in-depth reports, and 8 research reports published in English and French
  • 6 new articles in English and French for the Crowdfunding in a Canadian Context microsite

Research reports in 2015-2016:

Title Partners Publication Description
The Digital-Only Media Consumer   April 2015 This study provides a snapshot of daily media consumption by “digital only” users and preliminary answers as to why they regard digital content as the norm.
International Digital Media Co-Productions, Phase II – Asia and Latin America Interactive Ontario, OMDC, Bell Fund July 2015

This report presents experiences and practical information from Canadian digital media companies that have executed deals in China, India, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia.

Trends Report 2015 – Mid-Year Update Produced by CMF July 2015

The Mid-Year Update presents 6 themes on recent phenomena or market developments that will accelerate or alter the major trends presented earlier in the Keytrends Report 2015 – The Big Blur Challenge.

Philanthropic Funding for Documentaries in Canada OMDC, Telefilm Canada, Ontario Arts Council, National Film Board of Canada September 2015

This study by the Documentary Organization of Canada examines initiatives that have been successfully introduced in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and may be applied to the Canadian context.

Women in View on Screen OMDC, Telefilm Canada, ACTRA National, Canadian Media Producers Association October 2015

This study by the Women in View Association presents statistics on employment of women in key creative posts in film, television, and webseries production.

Youth Media Alliance Digital Toolkit OMDC, the Bell Fund, Canadian Media Producers Association November 2015

Developed by Youth Media Alliance, the Digital Toolkit is a practical resource for answering ethical and legal questions from in the Canadian sector producing digital content for young people.

Keytrends Report 2016: Entering the Age of Experience Produced by CMF February 2016 The 2016 Keytrends Report presents an analysis of basic trends and market developments that are shaping and will continue to shape the content production and distribution industry. It also throws light on how certain phenomena have evolved and analyses the impact of these changes on the television and digital media sectors.
Strengthening the Business: Capitalizing Canada’s Content Business OMDC February 2016 This study by the Canadian Media Producers Association provides insight to traditional content entrepreneurs on how to attract increased investor interest by learning the basic rules of the road and reassessing the management tools used by their companies.
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