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Sales and Export

The CMF instituted a requirement in 2012-2013 for all funded projects to report on sales in order to obtain more consistent information on the success of CMF projects. Reported sales are for export and domestic markets.

Convergent Stream

These sales are outside of the production financial structure and have been reported after delivery to the first broadcast window. Note that there is no independent means of verification of reported results.

A total of 261 projects reported sales by December 31, 2015 totalling $210.2M (the value is cumulative from the start of reporting). In contrast, last year’s annual report had 74 projects reporting. 173 projects with sales revenues were English and 81 were French, with 6 Aboriginal- and one Mandarin-language projects also reporting.

English drama reported $163.1M in sales or 77.6% of the total. 105 English documentaries reported sales, 40.2% of all projects.

The highest total sales revenue reported per English drama project was $27.0M. English Children’s & Youth sales per project ranged to $3.8M and English Documentary ranged to $3.6M. French Drama projects sales ranged to $1.0M per project.

Projects reported sales to a wide variety of territories that covered the globe. The territories were as specific as Germany or as broad as the world excluding Canada. For statistical purposes the sales were aggregated by region in the graph above. Multiple regions (e.g., Europe and Asia) in one reported sale were included in World. The specific country (not combined with any other country or region) with the greatest value of sales outside of World, Canada, and the US, was Germany with over $6.1M in sales reported.

  Total $ M # of projects reporting
2014 - 2015 83.5 91
2015 - 2016 126.7 241
Total 210.2  

In 2015-2016, 241 projects reported $126.7M in cumulative sales. Compared to the previous year, when 91 projects reported $83.5M in sales, this represents a 51.7% increase in reported sales. This increase in sales value is due to the 164.8% increase in projects reporting.

Experimental Stream

All projects funded by the CMF in the Experimental Steam in Production and Marketing activities were required to report on sales since the inception of the stream. At this point, there are four years of funded projects with substantial sales reporting available. Note that there is no independent means of verification of reported results.

Although rich interactive media and software record significant sales, games report significantly higher revenue than any other type of project. As the sales reported in the latest period are cumulative, the earliest year would usually show the greatest revenue. However, the sales reported from 2012-2013 projects are higher than any previous year (unchanged from last year’s report). Cumulative sales over the four-year period total $54.8M.

New for this year’s report, information is available on the territory of Experimental project sales. This data is available for the 2015 reporting (calendar) year only. "World", which represents downloads with a global scope or where the territory is not recorded, has the greatest amount of sales value, at $7.0M. The greatest specified territory is the United States with $5.7M in sales for 57 projects.

In keeping in line with previous years where sales were reported by collecting information from media, 28 CMF-funded projects were sold internationally across five continents. Of those, 50% were in the Children’s & Youth genre, 24% were Documentary, and 36% were Drama projects. The USA was the top buyer with 9 titles, followed by 5 titles to France, 4 titles to the United Kingdom, 2 titles to Belgium, Germany and Mexico, and one title to Australia Peru, Japan and The Netherlands.

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