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Corus-CMF Page to Pitch Program

For the second year of a seven-year mandate, the CMF managed the Corus-CMF Page to Pitch program, which aims to support two distinct stages during the Development period of a television project’s lifecycle: story and script development (Page); and acquisition of pre-sale financing from foreign broadcasters and distributors (Pitch). Projects supported through the program must be in one of the CMF-supported genres and can be in animation or live-action. This program is a result of Corus Entertainment’s acquisition of Historia, Séries+ and TELETOON and is in accordance with the CRTC’s Tangible Benefits Policy.

Corus-CMF Page to Pitch Program 2015-2016

      $ K Number of projects
Page English Animation 100 2
  French Animation 142 3
    Live Action 25 1
Total     267 6
Pitch English Animation 144 6
  French Animation 69 3
    Live Action 49 2
Total     262 11
Total Corus Program     529 17

The program budget for 2015-2016 was $582K, but since no funding was awarded during the 1st year of the mandate (ending August 31, 2015), unspent funds from the first year were added to the 2015-2016 budget allocation, for a total of $1,163,750. Of the program’s budget, $407K were reserved for the Page sub-program, while $756K were reserved for the Pitch sub-program. Total funding in 2015-2016 for the Corus-CMF Page to Pitch program amounted to $529K. Unspent funds, for a total of $634K, will be added to the budget allocation for the 3rd year of the program.

In the Page sub-program, four animation development projects received a total of $193K (three drama and one Children & Youth), while two live-action projects received a total of $75K (one Children & Youth and one Variety & Performing Arts). For the Pitch sub-program, a total of $262K was awarded to seven animation development projects for Children & Youth, and four live-action projects (one Children & Youth, one drama and two documentaries).

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